Taz Show Presets - Oaktone
Taz Show Presets - Oaktone
Taz Show Presets - Oaktone
Taz Show Presets - Oaktone

Taz Show Presets

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Taz Show Presets (or Taz SP) is a Max for Live device designed to help you control your live show with ease. Locators (in Arrangement View) or clips (in Session View) should be named like this:

* Levitating. In A.

or like this:

# I'm not Worried. In G.

Only those locators will appear in Taz's cue list.

When you load Taz SP, it will gather all locators identified with an asterisk and add them as cues to a show preset called CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. This preset will continue to be automatically updated as new cues are added or edited.

Access SHOW PRESETS by opening the CueList window on the Taz Interface.

To create a show preset, click the EDIT PRESETS button and the SHOW PRESETS CONTROL PANEL will expand, revealing several controls. 

With the SHOW PRESETS CONTROL PANEL opened, cues may be dragged to new positions in the CueList. Cues may also be removed from the CueList. Once you've created a show you would like to save, create a name for it and type it into the show presets title field. When done, hit the enter key and the show preset will be stored and the show preset selector will now allow you to select the CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER show preset or the newly created show preset. Close the show preset control panel to use the show preset.

Show Presets will save with your Ableton Live set so you could theoretically have a set with 50 songs and 10 different shows saved as presets, all in one Ableton Live set.

Version History:

  • 2.5
    • It's brand new!

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Ableton Live Suite (Includes MaxForLive)
    • MacOS or Windows 10

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Sean Gray (London, GB)

    Really great plugin - This has made managing sets for my band a million times easier. Very very happy with this.

    Also excellent support from Jeff when answering questions

    Joe Furlong (Berlin, DE)
    I love Taz SP

    Really great design, I'm using it as a standalone plugin without any oaktone hardware currently and I absolutely love it. It's made programming setlists so much easier and has made that element of my workflow so much more efficient. I'd definitely like to try it with the hardware further down the line but I'm super happy with my purchase and how it's working for me.

    Thanks for the 5-star review, Joe!

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