Stage Tools for Story Tellers

Technical mishaps onstage steal attention from what matters. We make products that minimize live show slips and give musicians and performers the ability to work with less stress and more confidence.

By creating reliable hardware and software devices used in studios and on stages, we help artists communicate ideas to their audiences in magical ways.

Combining extensive experience solving technical problems unique to playback engineers along with over a decade of performing regularly onstage with computers, Oaktone is constantly developing new, show-ready solutions for your live and broadcast event needs.


Dedicated to making products that are reliable, beautiful and easy to use, Oaktone's commitment to excellence extends to users through the Oaktone Guarantee: if you aren't happy for any reason, get in touch within 100 days for a full refund.



Jeff Caylor is a music producer and Ableton Live specialist currently living and working in Hong Kong. With writing and production credits on more than 10 albums and several more singles, his most recent commercial work has focused on artists local to Hong Kong.

An Ableton Certified Trainer since 2013, Jeff focuses on solutions that exploit technology to support the story, deploy automation to enhance the message and free the performer to focus on the room.

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