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Taz Pro

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Taz Pro is a text articulating Max for Live device for Ableton Live. This device reads text in locator names in Arrangement View and clip names in Session View specially designated with a leading asterisk using the OS X text-to-speech voices loaded on your computer. Because the Mac OS X text-to-speech voices speak in different languages, Taz Pro is only limited by the voices you have installed in your computer.

If you name a locator (in Arrangement View) or a clip (in Session View) like this:

* Dynamite. In E

Taz Pro will speak that text back as Live’s transport playhead passes or the clip launches. 

Taz Pro includes everything from Taz Lite and Taz SP

Access SHOW PRESETS by opening the CueList window on the Taz Interface.

To create a show preset, click the EDIT PRESETS button and the SHOW PRESETS CONTROL PANEL will expand, revealing several controls. 

With the SHOW PRESETS CONTROL PANEL opened, cues may be dragged to new positions in the CueList. Cues may also be removed from the CueList. Once you've created a show you would like to save, create a name for it and type it into the show presets title field. When done, hit the enter key and the show preset will be stored and the show preset selector will now allow you to select the CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER show preset or the newly created show preset. Close the show preset control panel to use the show preset.

Show Presets will save with your Ableton Live set so you could theoretically have a set with 50 songs and 10 different shows saved as presets, all in one Ableton Live set.

Version History:

  • 2.5
    • Multiple feature enhancements including Show Preset cue reordering!
    • Add STOPALL autostop funcionality.
    • Added LOOP OFF functionality.
    • Remove trailing content after slash to enable compatibility with Setlist.
    • Updated communications protocol with Oakboard Vista products to enable simpler connection.
    • Window persistence when closing and reopening Cue List. 
    • Added Apple Silicon compatibility.
  • 2.1
    • Updated communications protocol with Oakboard Floor Vista to enable compatibility with iConnectivity interfaces.
    • CueList enhancements (green highlight to indicate launched cues, delayed auto-advance to aid in click confirmation, auto-advance when Playhead passes cue title in Arrangement View, fixed interface bugs)
  • 2.01
    • Fixed Autoscroll for more than 12 cues in the CueList Window.
  • 2.0
    • Updated interface. Optimized Code. Rebranded design.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Ableton Live Suite (Includes MaxForLive)
    • MacOS

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    C-Funk (Santiago, CL)
    essential tool for my live shows !

    Amazing , i will never go back to not having this tool for my live show. makes my arrangement live show so much easier to manage.
    this tool is a must !

    Great Tool, almost perfect!!

    A big partner for Ableton In live performances. For future improvements taz should on stop performance locate the start point immediately when choose any song!
    When save a new preset, should be auto updated automatically, because when use a same name, the interface leave two presets.

    By the way it’s very stable, fast, no latency, super cool interface and razonable price!

    Love The product

    I'm having a minor problem, that I think I've workout, but I am enjoying t so far.

    Thanks for the 5-star review, Marvin. Please feel free to reach out any time for assistance. We're happy to help you get things in order if you're still having any issues!

    Joseph R.
    Makes a live show set List a dream!!!!

    before this, it was very clumsy to cue up a song and play and then find the next song. Enter Taz Pro! Boom Name your locator at the beginning of a song with an astrisk and the set list is auto created!!! Wonderful!

    Appreciate the positive feedback and 5-star review! ✌️

    JD Torian

    Bough right before tracks gig, and—after spending 2 minutes with the manual, hastily dropped titles in. Worked flawlessly and elevated the performance/ show. What more could you ask for?

    Thanks for the review, JD! Glad it worked as expected!

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