Taz Pro - Oaktone
Taz Pro - Oaktone
Taz Pro - Oaktone
Taz Pro - Oaktone

Taz Pro

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Taz Pro is a text articulating Max for Live device for Ableton Live. This device reads text in locator names in Arrangement View and clip names in Session View specially designated with a leading asterisk using the OS X text-to-speech voices loaded on your computer. Because the Mac OS X text-to-speech voices speak in different languages, Taz Pro is only limited by the voices you have installed in your computer.

If you name a locator (in Arrangement View) or a clip (in Session View) like this:

* Dynamite. In E

Taz Pro will speak that text back as Live’s transport playhead passes or the clip launches. 

Taz Pro is Also a Cue List Launcher
Selecting a cue in Taz's CueList and pressing the PLAY button will launch the associated Arrangement View Locator or Session View scene. Learn more here.

Version History:

  • 2.1
    • Updated communications protocol with Oakboard Floor Vista to enable compatibility with iConnectivity interfaces.
    • CueList enhancements (green highlight to indicate launched cues, delayed auto-advance to aid in click confirmation, auto-advance when Playhead passes cue title in Arrangement View, fixed interface bugs)
  • 2.01
    • Fixed Autoscroll for more than 12 cues in the CueList Window.
  • 2.0
    • Updated interface. Optimized Code. Rebranded design.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Ableton Live Suite (Includes MaxForLive)
    • MacOS

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