Pause Button - Oaktone
Pause Button - Oaktone
Pause Button - Oaktone

Pause Button

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Ableton Live's transport is designed to play from the last start point persistently. Usually it's convenient, but sometimes it would be nice to pause and continue where you left off. This is possible using shift + spacebar but there isn't an in-built way to do this with any mappable functions in Ableton Live. Pause Button solves this problem.

Drop this lightweight, processor friendly MaxForLive device into any audio or MIDI track. Once Live's transport is playing, you can use the button to pause and continue playback. You can also stop the transport using spacebar and then continue playback using Pause Button. To use, map the main button to any MIDI note message or computer keystroke for remote control. 

Version History:

  • 1.5 - Updated interface. Optimized Code. Rebranded design.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Ableton Live Suite (Includes MaxForLive)

Customer Reviews

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John Forman (Sanford, US)
Sort of

Far be it from me to give advice to a company that makes amazing products. So, my input is minimal at best…

The instructions for how to use this is slightly presumptuous of the end user having a high knowledge of how to use the pause midi button.

It’s probably not possible, but would love for this to somehow get assigned to the space bar on the computer.

Love The product

I love having this product.

Thanks so much! We appreciate your feedback!

S Dechaene
Also works in session view

Works as promised. Couldn't find anyone having tried it in session view, so here I am ... it works fine. Not 100 % accurate all the time, but good enough for my purpose.

Thanks for the 5-star review! Please reach out via email, Instagram, or our contact form here if there's something that's not working as expected. We're shooting for 100% accuracy!

Dana Ziv
Great addition

Feels weird that this isn't already built into Ableton, but the button works great and allows to pause using a midi controller

Thanks for the positive review, Dana!

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