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TAZ PRO is the only Max for Live device that enables your computer to dynamically "read" slates from locator names in Ableton Live.

On the Fly In-Ear Slates

There are other options for launching cues in Ableton Live but if you've tried a few, you'll understand how valuable the CueList that comes with Taz can be. And when it comes to a solution for making and editing slates on the fly in rehearsal or onstage, nothing else comes close to the convenience of Taz Pro.

Included with Oakboard

Taz Lite

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"We’ve used TAZ the last few years for a big production we do and it’s awesome. Band loves it. Great work!"

Mike Moore, Worship & Communications Pastor

Get your band on the same page and remove these questions

Taz Pro can slate the key of an upcoming song in your in-ears and responds dynamically to last minute key changes.

Whether the set is 4 songs or 40 songs, take your setlist off the floor and put it in your band's in-ear monitors. 

Give your singer a lyric reminder or prompt the band with any other cue that shouldn’t be heard by the audience.

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