Shipping policy

We are committed to fast and free worldwide shipping. Some locales are subject to duties that we aren't able to pre-pay and some countries may not be possible for us to ship to logistically.

So far we've shipped without issues to North America, Europe / UK, Japan, Australia and Central America.

Shipments from our headquarters in Hong Kong to North America typically take 3 business days. Express shipping to other locations may take a week or more due to air logistics slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oakboard FAQ

When you purchase an Oakboard, a digital Users Manual is added to your account and will be available for download upon purchase. See below for answers to other commonly asked questions.

Yes! Oakboards have a special programming mode detailed in your Users Manual that explains how to update transmitting MIDI notes and channel.

We will occasionally release firmware updates that can be easily installed by accessing a special bootloading mode detailed in the Users Manual. Your firmware update will also include a README file with details on how to update your firmware.

Oaktone Guarantee

Our goal is that you never need to use the Oaktone Guarantee, but should you need to, we keep things simple.

If your product arrives with a defect, needs to be replaced or you'd like to arrange a return, simply get in touch using our contact form or by emailing us at