Programming Your Oakboard

Use these instructions to get back to factory defaults.
  1. Download and Open the Ableton Live set called "Oakboard Factory Programming Project"
  2. Be sure the MIDI TRACK OUT is set to YOUR OAKBOARD and make sure all tracks in the session are sending to the YOUR OAKBOARD. 
  3. Tracks 1-6 will program the button MIDI notes. Tracks 7-8 will program the faders (if you have a SLIDE DUO). Track 1 determines the Device MIDI channel. Sending a midi note on channel 16, sets the Slide Duo to transmit on Channel 16. 
  4. To program your SLIDE DUO, tracks 7-8 need to be on channel 1 and 2 respectively. Channel 1 will program the left fader. Channel 2 will program the right fader. These are set to CC14 and CC15 from the Oaktone workshop but you can set them to whatever you want. 
  5. Put the Slide Duo into Programming Mode by holding PLAY and PREV while plugging in the USB. All buttons will blink twice and then go dim while it waits to receive midi information from Ableton Live. Make sure the Output of each track is still sending to the SLIDE DUO.
  6. When the Ableton Live set is ready, launch the scene in Session View. Once it cycles through all the tracks (you'll see MIDI out from each one and the device buttons will light up) you can unplug the USB cable (don't press stop).