Oakboard Slide Duo - Oaktone
Oakboard Slide Duo - Oaktone
Oakboard Slide Duo - Oaktone

Oakboard Slide Duo B-Stock

Regular price $309.00

The Oaktone Oakboard Slide is designed for performers and technicians who need dual output MIDI operation for failover / redundancy rigs. The Oakboard Slide features 2 high-quality Bourns linear slide potentiometers and 6 silicone button tactile switches. The Oakboard Slide can be used with any digital audio workstation onstage or in the studio but Oakboards are designed first and foremost with reliable cue launching in mind. Each press of the 6 high-quality (manufactured in Japan) switches provides a reassuring tactile click and is programmed with a 100 ms debounce rate to avoid double-firing.*

The operating force is light enough for a quick launch but won't get accidentally triggered by pyro. If you need a reliable, no nonsense way to launch cues for your set, pick up an Oakboard by Oaktone.

For performers and technicians looking for a simple, single MIDI output in a more compact form factor, the Oakboard Mini may be the perfect fit for your rig and backpack.

Includes Taz Lite

Designed to give playback engineers a simple midi hardware solution for launching cues, each Oakboard also includes a license of Taz Lite, an all-new cue list launching Max for Live device available in the Oaktone.com software store. 

* Debounce rate can also be adjusted in Taz Lite and Taz Pro if you don't have an Oakboard. 


  • Class-compliant Midi over USB (no driver required)
  • 7.38 in x 4.7 in x 1.3 in (187 mm x 119 mm x 33 mm)
  • 0.97 lbs (0.44 kg)
  • 1.9 lbs (900 g)
  • Includes 2 USB B to USB 3.0 compatible cables.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows.

We have a limited supply of b-stock Oakboard Slide Duos. Besides some small cosmetic finish / engraving details that didn't turn out quite like we wanted, as well as some scratches that occurred in the manufacturing process, these Oakboard Slide Duos are exactly the same as our a-stock and the Oaktone Guarantee applies. Get the Slide Duo at the deepest discount available. Supply is limited!

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